NYC Transit Status

Real-time transit information for New York City

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Real-time transit information from multiple agencies

NYC Transit Status displays real-time transit information about delays, service changes, construction, accidents, etc from multiple transit and transportation agencies in the New York City region.

Supported Agencies


The MTA's official 'Service Status' feed includes delays, planned service changes and other events on the NYC Subway, NYC buses, LIRR, Metro North Railroad and MTA-operated bridges and roadways.


511NY is operated by the NYS Department of Transportation and other partnering transportation agencies in New York and neighboring areas in Connecticut and New Jersey.

NY State Thruway Authority

This feed provides information about delays, accidents and construction on the NTS Thruway and NYSTA-operated branches.

MTA Service Status

The MTA Service Status feed provides up to the minute information about delays, service changes and planned work for

  • NYC Subways, including the Staten Island Railway
  • NYC Buses
  • MTA-operated bridges and roadways
  • Long Island Rail Road
  • Metro North Railroad

Up to the Minute Line Status Information

Stay up to date with real-time line statuses and event counts.

Detailed Event Information

Get detailed information about transit events. For the MTA, this is the same information that is posted in their Service Alert signs and on their website.

Location Information

For events with location information, an overview map of the location is shown and when clicked will open a map with a pin at the location.