There are a number of upgrade options available for purchase that improve and expand the basic functionality of the free version. All upgrades are provided as in-app purchases and are processed securely through Google Play (Android Market). If you do not have access to the Play Store app (or if you have an older version that does not support in-app purchases), please contact me using the Email Support menu option.

All upgrades purchased through Google Play are linked to your user account and will be available on all devices linked to the same account. If you have multiple devices or upgrade a device, your purchase is transferable.

FREE Trial

Each user can activate a free 2 week trial to test out all of the extra features. There is no registration or purchase necessary to activate the trial. Once the 2 week period is over, the app will revert to the free version and the extra features will be available as in-app purchases.

Activate Free Trial

Current Upgrade Options

The items listed below can be purchased individually to unlock the features listed in the description or the complete upgrade option can be purchased to unlock all of the features.

Ad Removal


This removes all ads from the app.

Note: You may have to restart the app before the ads are removed.



This upgrade includes two additional features:



Display trip searches and station tables directly on your device's home screen. Available widgets include:

Other Features


This upgrade includes a number of additional features, including: